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I am a seer and an oracle who is connected to a state of ONEness, the union of spirit and matter, and material and higher realms who can see, predict, and advise you how to realize greater success in your business enterprises.

As a seer, I see the cosmic blueprint of your past, present, and future.

As an oracle, I channel in information pertinent to your life cycles, business, and intentioned next-level life achievements.

I am a messenger of Infinite Source which allows me to access your timeline and soul and see what supports you to quantumly achieve your goals and realize your vision.


Experience a powerful alignment with the center point of business creation.  

Receive the information and insight needed to integrate logic and intuition, the invisible and visible, and the known and unknown. Make your decisions and take the highest action steps from the meet-up of You and Infinite Intelligence.

You value high-level strategic insight that saves you money, time, and resources.

You touch the world to make greater impact.

You discern what takes you higher while keeping you grounded in your Self and your values.

You know rational linear action can 3X your revenue but 10X requires deep insight, sourced from Infinite Intelligence.


I work with high-performing achievers who value present and future insights in their business, entrepreneurial, creative, and humanitarian endeavors to efficiently see and execute the actions needed for their highest results.

I give you the inside edge that makes everything happen at a level of true synchronistic alignment empowering you to make profoundly grounded decisions from the expansive perspective of Infinite Source reality.

Welcome. I am Iana Lahi. As a naturally born clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, I see with great depth and foresight to help business executives, entrepreneurs, financiers, inventors, philanthropists, and creatives avert business dangers before they arise, unblock potential setbacks, foresee outcomes, reorganize and rebuild business structures, choose the right business endeavors, the right people, the right product or the right timing thereby optimizing time, money and resources while avoiding potentially huge personal and financial costs.


You are a ...

Creative needing insights to reignite your original edge.

Solopreneur spinning lots of plates with too many unknowns.

Great team but gaps in performance produce sub-optimal results.

Investor for greater impact but too many options impede your thinking.

Philanthropist seeking insights to optimize your humanitarian initiatives.

Founder rapidly scaling a business with high stakes board and investor demands.

CxO growing a thriving business needing to decide which potential board member is best.

VC, M&A or Family Office needing to allocate resources for optimal returns with reasonable risk.

Serial entrepreneur with multiple contradictory time-sensitive options clouding your decision making.


As your strategic asset, I help you navigate the future for present-day results.

You may want to know about your future, a person to be on your team, an investment, the value of an idea, directional steps, what is needed to make your project happen, or the necessary present actions that will positively impact your future.

I am a bridge from your present to your future, a seer of your big and little picture, and a wayshower through your most valued business ventures.

I keep you on the crest of your wave, so you are poised and able to see the horizon, while accurately and precisely guiding you to take important tactical action steps today. 

I see the structure of who you are, the elements and aspects of your business terrain and circumstances, and how they align with the internal structure of cosmic law and universal design, and how they unify to help you navigate your intended business outcomes.

I quickly pinpoint the heart of an issue because I see multiple potential timelines from the future.

I instantaneously see the interconnection of all influencing factors and can see the best course of actions needed.

I help you avoid hitting your  “wall” and walk you through your gateways to greater success.


Past clients include chair women and men, board members, philanthropists, C-level executives, professional athletes, creatives and entrepreneurs in banking and finance, real estate, technology, law, family offices, entertainment including music and film, health and wellness, publishing, scientific / medical research, politics, humanitarian foundations, and the United Nations.

I work with you via long-term engagements on strategic initiatives, goals and objectives, and tactical implementation or on issues or concerns that are time-sensitive and require immediate attention via 50-minute Business Consultations.

Your confidentiality, discretion, and privacy are assured. My clients have always been and always will remain confidential. 


I work with clients in all industries to address issues or concerns that are specific and time-sensitive. Business Consultations are paid by the session. A typical business consultation is 50 minutes by phone. To optimize your consultation, please be prepared with your questions and concerns; everything is addressed in real-time.

I work in long-term commitments with clients in all industries to address initiatives, goals and objectives that are strategic and tactical usually with longtail impact. I am available 24/7 for you. Sessions are as long or as short as needed. I work with only a few long-term clients.


I am there right by your side as you guide your company, your business, your organization, your foundation, your project, or your creative vision through its next steps helping you navigate your highest outcomes on all levels.

Whatever industry you are in ...

I tap into the source of universal energy to provide you with direct answers specific to you and your needs.

I connect into a full spectrum timeline that incorporates the connection points from infinite reality to who you are and your specific needs.

I access the core flow within universal Infinite Intelligence, and I see the necessary action steps that align you to your highest outcomes.

I am your interstellar earthly guide as you make decisions about strategy, who to work with and who not, funding, launching, growing, timing, making choices, seed stage and pre-IPO investments, real estate, stocks, unseen geological and raw material assessments, location analysis, mergers and acquisitions, walking your creative razor’s edge, building your vision, birthing your dream, who to trust and who not, navigating unseen difficulties, crucial financial steps, when to say no, when to say yes, getting clear about your alignments and how to make the impact you want while being true to you.


I’ve been 100% accurate, predicting business outcomes through intuitive insights on strategy, tactics, ideas, growth, team building and compatibility for 45+ years.

I have been seeing and interpreting the core matrix of truth for my entire adult life. I remember beginning to “see for real” at the age of 4. 

I help my clients avoid pitfalls and financial losses, situation and people mismatches, making wrong decisions, ego-driven outcomes, timing mistakes, head-over-heart hastiness, and reoccurring circumstances that need require refined navigation.

A born clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, I see, hear, and feel at a different frequency and awareness than most people.

I am and have been for my entire life an oracle and seer for business, creative, and management growth, as well as a highly sought-after personal mentor in the domains of relationship, health, spiritual growth, soul purpose, and self-realization.


For long-term clients we speak by phone when you need or want, have a pressing issue or question, are contemplating a business-critical decision, have a time-sensitive concern, need to explore different options, or reconcile what appear to be opposite possibilities with different business implications.  

Plan on me reaching out to you via private secure text, email, or phone when I have timely important information or an insight to share.

You can expect immediate answers to immediate questions and needs.

If you have situation-specific or time-sensitive questions, schedule a 50-minute Business Consultation.

Your confidentiality, discretion, and privacy are assured. 

My clients have always been and always will remain confidential.  


Schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call to explore what I offer you, what you will receive, and if we are mutually aligned to move forward together.


Born and raised in a Manhattan business family. I saw, heard, and felt the ins and outs of building what would become a brand name legacy business.

I am known for seeing through the veils to guide my clients to ride the unexpected rip tides and challenges of their life with greater success and fulfillment while guiding their life to be an expression of their highest goals and values.

I apply my abilities to see through the duality of life’s layers and circumstances that require “x-ray vision” to guide people to succeedfrom their highest level of possibility.

I give my all, show up completely, am ahead of the curve, and create life-long connections with my clients. My client’s success in all aspects of their life brings me deep joy.

Joyce, CEO


“I just had my first business oracle session with Iana, and it was 100% spot on. She perfectly read the dynamics of each person involved in our M&A engagement and provided me with specific strategies to deal with multiple challenges. Iana’s insights and guidance were impeccable.”

Stewart, CFO

Retail, USA

“Iana helped me confirm my intuitive feelings about a time-sensitive business contract. She shed light on the outcomes if I followed one path compared to another path of action. Very powerful and accurate.”

George, Philanthropist

Humanitarian, USA

“Working with Iana is fluid, real, vibrant, and uncomplicated. She sees and says what needs to be said to catapult your business success because she most definitely wants the best for you and will help you make it happen.”

Beth, Founder

Venture Studio, Canada

“Iana helped me make significant leaps building my company. I have been able to fulfill significant goals through her insight and guidance and make accurate and market-wise decisions based upon her input. Iana's commitment to excellence
is as profound as her communication abilities with the universe and your heart.”

Andrew, Attorney

Entertainment, Australia

“Every word that comes from Iana makes a difference. She keeps you on your tightrope, your business surfboard, and helps you navigate on-course with the wind as you set sail and reach your desired destination. Iana has a profound connection with the universe and will make use of it for your benefit.”

Linda, President

Green Real Estate, New Zealand

“Iana brings her balanced mind and heart to your life and shows up with you to help you make important decisions. If you take her guidance to heart, it will save you precious time and perhaps years of loss or  disappointment. Iana sees the highest path for your success and what she says may seem different than what you want to hear but take to heart her insight and advice and then move forward with confidence as you take your next steps.”

Sarah, Founder & CEO

Fintech, USA

“Iana has helped me create the perfect team for my startup through her exquisite intuitive insight about people while consistently helping me clarify and refine my vision. Iana sees all aspects of my vision working together while helping me discern my choices so that I hit a bullseye. I enthusiastically recommend Iana to any visionary leader.”

Shane, Co-Founder & CPO
SaaS, Belgium

“Patient and eagle-eyed, Iana matches my perseverance for connecting the dots and keeping me centered amidst pressing challenges and decisions. She is present, down-to-earth, and right there helping me bring together the best people, keeping them on track, while creating clarity defining our product and bringing it to market. Iana has the uncanny ability to see through difficulties and helped me avoid possible errors and setbacks. Iana gives a whole new meaning to teamwork and showing up.”

Thomas, Executive Producer
Music, France

“Iana works from non-judgment. This helped me bridge the creative ideas in my head  and apply it to marketing. We explored the dynamics of my team and read their individual personalities, gifts, and needs. Iana gave a thumbs up or down to a particular plan, person to work with, growth idea, and investor. Iana has an incredible God-given ability to see heaven and earth working together simultaneously to expedite your success. She carries a golden torch and will illuminate your life path.”

Linda, Board Chairwoman
Healthcare, USA

“I found my secret ally and guide.”

Alex, Founder

Biotech, USA

“Iana makes the invisible visible as she expertly parted the chaotic sea of my business life to create another miracle for my company. Grateful beyond words.”

Adelina, Partner

Real Estate Brokerage, Portugal

“I have always had an unspoken fear factor that existed right beneath the surface. Since working with Iana, it is no longer there making possible a new fulfillment with all my real estate ventures.”

Alain, Film Director

Advertising/Creative Studio, France

“Iana gets who I am and what I want, puts me on her magic carpet, and carries my vision into fruition with effortless grace.”

Alexandra, Managing Director 


“Iana’s cohesive approach consistently brings together all my concerns and offers a direct route to succeeding with each closing that I am doing. She has helped me to find my perfect timing and a greater trust with my 6th sense.”

Prakash, President

Family Office, USA

“Iana has brought me into a higher level of creative problem solving. I have found a new ease and inner stability that is manifesting in how my team and I accomplish our goals. I feel a steady grace in my decision making and trust more deeply in my ability to shift situations with greater assurance of outcomes.”



In our rapidly changing world and swiftly moving global markets what you know in advance of others is your key competitive advantage.  

Bring me your most pressing questions and concerns.

When you need a question answered within a certain time frame, I make that happen.

No question or concern is bypassed or seen as unimportant. All questions are answered.

You will experience greater trust in your own unified intuition and logic, less stressed, more energized, more mental freedom, and more connected to your universal flow.

You will move forward with greater clarity, focus and resolve.

Some questions you may have: •Is this the right market? •Is this the right timing for X? •Should I buy this company? •Do I buy this particular stock? •How do I gracefully exit this endeavor? •Is this the right investor for my project? •What is needed to succeed with my brand? •Is this the right person for me to work with? •Am I being manipulated by a business associate? •Will I make the money that I am expecting to make? •Is this a beneficial situation and person for me to work with? •Is this the optimal timing of stepping forward into this project? •What will be the outcome of a particular decision or opportunity? •Will I be used in any way if I move forward with a particular situation?


You can expect insight, ideas, and information that originate from seeing the interconnected relationship between all issues, individuals, and aspects that cohesively create successful outcomes.

What you can expect when we work together: •Seeing obstacles before they arise. •Guidance of who and what to trust. •Intuitive clarity into your business endeavors. •Revealing unseen possibilities and outcomes. •Seeing the optimal critical path for business success. •A 5-dimensional 360-degree holographic perspective. •Full-spectrum insight so you are shown the seen and unseen. •Seeing through your blind spots so you can make wiser decisions. •Helping you avoid pitfalls by seeing obstacles before they manifest. •Spontaneous guidance when I have an insight I want to share with you. •Seeing “curve balls” before they happen so you can respond strategically. •Cutting through the veils of perception to see the true reality of a situation. •Collapsing time and space to see the future giving you specific steps and timing. •Seeing interpersonal dynamics from the soul level to avoid problems and optimize results.

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